Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bathroom Makeover!

For the rough price of...$10! I love Target. I've been wanting to change our bathroom shower curtain and rugs for a while now. Other things have constantly taken priority, so it just wasn't happening.
Then we went to Target on Friday, and they had some great clearance items. Suddenly my cart was full and I was smiling. :)
My first choice for shower curtain was actually the monkey one. I wanted to re-do our bathroom in the entire monkey theme. That, however, would've cost nearly $50. The one on clearance, though not first choice, was purchased for about $10, so I quickly adapted to liking this nautical theme.

I have to add, too, that this is the first time we've had a kid-themed bathroom. I love it! Until yesterday, we had been using the shower curtain we got nearly 5 years ago, from our bridal shower. Change is nice sometimes.

I have pictures to share, of course. (please excuse the messiness!)

Bathroom shower curtain before:

The boring, store-bought soap dispenser:

After: Nautical shower curtain:
Cute whale-shaped rug to go with it:

The new & improved whale soap dispenser:

Oh, and the curtain hooks, too:
By the way, all of this was made possible because I had the help of Aidan. ;)

Are any of you willing to share your bathrooms with us?


Crystal said...

haha, too cute! I'm actually gonna post some pictures of our bathroom but its boring. Jason did paint the other day in there though so now it has some color, even if it is just a brown, LOL.

Bethany said...

That is really cute!! I have a palm tree theme in my friend gave me all of the stuff (rug, soap dish, shower curtain) and I love it! :D

Andrea said...

cute! I've been wanting to fix up our bathroom(s) for sometime. One of these days!!!

Sue said...

i love it! i love anything that has to do with the ocean, especially sailboats & lighthouses. Very cute Aidan! oh, i also love the whales!! our bathroom is ducks, sorry, no pics, no digital camera. but feel free to donate to my fund.

The Mom of 'em said...

found you while looking through Meal Plan Mondays....anyway - wanted to drop you a line to say CUTE CUTE CUTE bathroom! Now I want to redo the kids' bathroom...darn.

Greg said...

I approve! :)