Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Snack Scenario"

If you have kids, you know you need to have snacks.
Shoot, even without kids, we should snack. (Many studies offer that those who snack actually have less weight issues than those who do not schedule snacks).

Frequently I get into a snack-rut. Aidan asks to eat something, and I feel I'm offering the same things over & over & over again. B-o-r-i-n-g. For him and me. What happens when we get bored? I wind up buying foods that are not the best for us, like cookies (and boy do I love those Keebler Elves!), fruit snacks (which, in my opinion, are no different than gummi bears), soda/pop, frozen waffles--you get the idea. Things that are not only bad for the waist, but for the mind as well.

Because I easily get into this snack-rut, I was kind of excited to find this "Snack Scenario" sheet on the Whole Foods Market site today. All of the ideas on there may not be things we'd always choose, but it definitely helps to have a quick reference and suggestion. That power of suggestion really is a strong power (at least for me).

I thought I'd share the link since many of you also have young kids at home. Mine is already printed and on the fridge. :)


Andrea said...

I have been really trying to do better snacks. Especially when i happened to buy fruit snacks (one of the first times) and after I did, that is ALL Landen wanted. We had a few screaming tantrums because of it. AhhH! Thanks for the link, it was good.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link--I printed it out--Tell me, though, are they recommending one snack for the day or all four listed as mon/tues, etc? Weare closer to having all of those in one day. We have to be creative b/c of the peanut thing and find ourselves eating TONS of fruit, bowls of Kashi cereal, waffles (I serve him healthy waffles as a "sandwich" with strawberry jam--fruit juice sweetened--and sliced bananas or blueberries), we love the "yogurt popsicles" made with the stoneyfiels farms sqeezers (especially for on-the-go), stopping for smoothies....I don't know what else...but we are forever looking for ideas and never coming nup with anything new :o) Snack calendars are a great idea!