Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one that thinks Amanda needs to go home? (and I've thought it for the last, uh, two weeks!). Not that she isn't talented, but I don't think her talent matches up to what it takes. To me, it always sounds like she's screaming. Same sound, no matter what the song. And I like a wide variety of music, including some Joplin. So I'm thinking it's not the song choice...
I just can't stand her. I have nicknamed her skunk-combine the hair with the fact I think her singing more or less stinks, and I think you get skunk.

On a better note, I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Brooke. The last two weeks I think she's been amazing! I want each of the songs she sang, her version. She seems so "real" and what-you-see-is-what-you-get. I like that about a person.

Carly, of course-love her. (Come on, she's from Ireland!). She is quite talented, and I loved Come Together this week. Great choice.

One person I've changed my mind about is Syesha. I liked her at first, especially during Hollywood round, but not so much any more. While I still feel she is very talented, I'm getting the impression she is a little cocky, over-confident, and, well, maybe full of herself. I'd like to be wrong.

I'm glad David Hernandez was the one to leave tonight and not Kristy Lee. I truly feel she is much more talented than we've seen, and that she's gotten credit for.

As for who I want to win, at this point-can't say yet. I really like Brooke, Chikezie really improved...I need more time.

Do you already have one specific person in mind you'd like to see win this season of American Idol?


Diva Mom Vicki said...

I think Carley is the most talented overall vocally. Amanda is interesting but there's no way I could listen to an entire album of that screaming.

I have a feeling David will win - seems every 13 year old girl has nothing better to do than text a few hundred votes for David each week!

Bethany said...

I definitely agree that Amanda NEEDS to go home. She does look like a skunk, I've thought that from the beginning and cannot believe that she is my age!!

I would like to see Brooke do well, I think she has an amazing voice. I think David A. will probably be in the top 2, as long as he can pull it back together next week!

Andrea said...

I haven't been keep up with American Idol, it's on at the same time as Biggest Loser so I usually switch back in forth. We don't have TVO. Anyway.. I don't like Amanda either - she looks like the Bride of Frankenstien and I like the nick name Skunk. LoL! She looks hard and mean. =(
I did watch last night - becasue we couldn't find anything else to watch and Amelia was in a good sleep so I didn't want to go get my FAMILIA homework. I didn't like the guy that left very well - oh well... will see if I watch more in the weeks to come. Thanks for the update, I didn't even know names. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Amanda needs to a long time ago. I'm surprised that she made it on the show to start with and am also extremely surprised that the judges think so highly of her.

I agree with Bethany, Brooke has really started to impress me. I wasn't so interested in her at first but this past week I had a totally new feeling about her. She's a sweetheart.

I think that David Archuleta is just amazing. He has what it takes to be the next Idol.

Kristy Lee Cook....WOW, she butchered that song. Little too twangy for me and I just couldn't believe that she did that to a Beatles song.

Ashley said...

I'm completely on board with you! I think Amanda is screaming and sounds as if she's trying to be like Gretchen Wilson... blah! I really like Brooke... great voice and seems really down to earth.

Sue said...

I'm not a fan of Amanda either but I see why the judges like her. I think her is awful too but she knows how to own the stage. Making a hit record isn't just about the voice-you have to have the whole package. Sharon, we learned that from Anita!!!! I LOVE David Archleta, he is pure & his talent is astounding. Not to mention very humble. He was nervous this week but I like that, he should be & hopefully will be the next idol!!! Carly I think too, has the best voice & she was amazing with her song!!! Brooke was great too doing Let It Be but there is something too good about her that bothers me. I guess I like a little bad but then I don't see it in David Archuleta but he'a a lot younger. I think David Cook (name?) is good too. Not my style but I think he is great on stage. David Hernandez went home I bet because of the whole stripper thing, dumb!!! It shoud have been Kristi (sp?) because she ruined that song!! I do like her but didn't anyone advise her??? Can't wait to see David A. next week!!!

Greg said...

I absolutely agree with EVERY word that you just said!!

Brooke is my favorite. I also really like Carly and David Cook.

I liked Syesha a lot early in the season, but not so much now. Chikezie is growing on me--I like his enthusiasm.

I'm sure I'll make a lot of people mad with this--I don't want David Archuleta to win. I think he is a GREAT singer, probably be best vocalist on the show. I'm just not a fan of his stage presence. For me, you've got to have the whole package to win and I just think he is a little to awkward on the stage. Perhaps he'll grow over the weeks and I may change my mind.

For now, I'm rooting for Brooke, followed by Carly and David Cook.

momwats8 said...

I am with you on Amanda - she does the same ting over and over. i like David Archuleta and Chikezie. I also like a lot of others but hose two are my tops right now.