Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

A busy weekend it was!
The fun started with Aidan & I going to the Friday 2:30 showing of High School Musical 3. We were both excited about our "date", especially since this was Aidan's first time to the theater. He was in awe of just how BIG the theater was, thinking it was cool the seats went up a hill. He snuggled with me most of the movie, and we both really enjoyed HSM3. Have I ever mentioned that Corbin Bleu is hot? ;)

After the movie we headed home where company awaited. Patrick's mom, sister, and her two kids drove down from Michigan to do trick-or-treating with us at an outdoor shopping mall. We've gone the past 2 years, so it's becoming a tradition.
We ate some Mummy Dogs and potato soup while waiting on the rain to let up, and then we started trick-or-treating at the perfect time. It was not that crowded at all (guess the rain scared away some folks), and we were able to hit every store. The kids were all just adorable in their costumes. Batman felt pretty cool hanging out with Cinderella all night. Superman had no clue that he was Superman, nor what he was collecting in his pumpkin bucket. He just wanted to walk as fast as he could, hanging on to his bucket. It was so cute.

Friday night ended after we all exhausted ourselves, and Saturday was set up to be just as exhausting. We headed off to Michigan to go to a 1:00 wedding, 6:00 reception. We definitely wanted to stay for the reception since Aidan loves to get jiggy with it. Luckily Cinderella was there, too. He had a dance partner all night long!The down side was that Brennan was starting to not feel so well. :( He was running a temperature most of the reception. Poor little guy. It was a blessing to win that Cuddling Baby Mei Tai from Andrea's contest, because that was the place he wanted to be, and it was quite comfortable having him there. He slept soundly until we headed home.

Sunday we played it low key since Brennan was on and off with a fever. We took advantage of family time, decorating our pumpkins and Aidan & Patrick carved their Batman pumpkin.
Aidan thought it was pretty gross gutting the pumpkin, but both he & Patrick thought it was well worth it when they saw how cool their Batman pumpkin turned out. I think this is the best carved pumpkin we've had yet! (thanks to you, Pat)
It was a fun, tiring weekend (minus Brennan being sick, of course). I felt so tired today, as did the boys. Next weekend looks to be almost as exhausting. Hopefully we can all get healthy and actually stay healthy this week!

I hope you had a fun weekend, too. Have a good final week of October!


Jennifer said...

OW! Mercy looks sooooo much older than last time you posted a picture of her! All of the kids looked so cute in their costumes!! You cracked me up when you said Superman didn't know he was Superman--Ha ha ha! I could just picture a little mini-Superman running around--LOL!
I wish we were there to trick-or-treat with you guys--We miss you most around the holidays!!

Awesome pictures! (Esp. the one of you and Brennan--how perfect was that one??!!!) :o)

Jennifer said...

That said "Wow" BTW--ha ha ha--Not "Ow!"


Amy said...

Pumpkins are adorable! Glad you had such a great weekend!

The Healthy Mom said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I loved your photos. I hope your little one is feeling better. When you mentioned going to Michigan I started to become homesick. We moved out to CA from Wisconsin in February. I still miss the midwest! Thank you for visiting Healthy Moms.

Crystal said...

sounds like a fun weekend! I love the pics, the kids are so cute all dressed up and those are good ones of you! I really hope Brennan is starting to feel better. Poor kiddo, I feel so bad for him (and you!). This coming weekend is going to busy for us too! My sis and her 5 kids (7yr old Nic, almost 8 Kayla, almost 11 Kyle, 13 yr old Tony and 15 yr old Christian) are meeting at our house to walk with Jason, the boys, me, Jeff(brother-in-law) and Joe (FIL) around our neighborhood after dinner. Then I think we are going to meet you guys for that trick-or-treat thing Saturday, then Mass at 5:30 and All-Saints bonfire Saturday night. Can't wait, promises to be a fun one.

Amy said...

What a great weekend. The kids look adorable in their costumes!

Sue said...

i love the pictures!! good golly batman, where's the bat mobile????

Jamie said...

I just thought I'd write that your comment at Advent. in Babywearing made a lot of sense to me! I wrote my comment and then looked at the others and realized that I'm not the only one who thinks about stuff like that too.

Nice to visit your blog!

Andrea said...

Cute little costumes! Love them... Landen is batman but his costume doesn't look nearly as good as Aidans. Cute!!!! I wish we had the mall thing, we don't go door to door just to Kurts's work.

Love the MEI TAI by the way! =) Hope Brennan is feeling better.

Christa said...

Hey, I know that place! Did she have her wedding at Too funny. I swear that's where we had our reception too.