Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One Day Left to 2008

It's crazy that in one day it'll be 2009.
Seriously, it still feels like we just had the BIG Millennium. 2000...wow!

And here it's almost 2009.

Do you have any plans for New Year's?

Tomorrow we're closing on our house. Our very first home. It'll be a work in progress, but it will be ours and ours alone for the very first time, for better or worse.
I admit going from being a renter to owner has me feeling a bit vulnerable. Plus I hate the task of packing, cleaning, and unpacking. Except this time it's accompanied by painting, carpeting, and a bit more.
To say the least, I am very eager for us to a month or so down the road, where we're settled and all is unpacked & arranged. Limbo stinks.

Christmas was hectic, with traveling, canceling travel plans, getting sick, etc.
It was great to see family & friends, but quite the exhausting trip. We're still working our way up to par. We need to get there so we can pack, clean, and unpack!

Soon I'll make that Christmas post I've started a few times already. It's hard trying to narrow down the number of pics to share. I'm aiming for 10-we'll see how overloaded you get!

In closing, I'm asking you this:
If you could narrow it down by theme, what kind of year was 2008 for you?

For us I'll say it was the year of technology. (my husband should be overjoyed;)
We both got i-pods, we got a new camera, a new computer, new printer....anything else I'm missing? I also love the piece we have that allows you to connect your i-pod to your car stereo. It came in handy driving through Kentucky on Saturday.

So there you have it. What was 2008 for you?


Sue said...

hmmmm......cleaner?? ha! Where it was such a bad year so many, it was a good year for us financially. Paid off a lot but still have a looong way to go!

Bethany said...

Oh golly...stressful, I think! I'm hoping for a fun 2009 full of changes :)

Congratulations on closing on your house tomorrow! That's so exciting!!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Just wanted to visit and let you know that I appreciated your comment on 5MFM today. You said it before I did. ;-)

Amy said...

2008 was, in a word, stressful. It wasn't our best year here, but, I'm certain that 2009 will be better.

Congrats on the house! :)