Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Don't Want It

What don't I want?
The near foot of snow we have coming down!
We have about 5 inches right now, with about 8 more inches expected to fall throughout the day.
More overnight.

We're at a Level 1 snow emergency.
My washer & dryer was going to be delivered today, and my in-laws were going to come down to help with the house. I'm thinking this won't happen today.

This crappy weather is really screwing up our moving schedule. :(
It's supposed to get worse.

Thursday? Oh yeah, the high is supposed to be 9. NINE. With a low of -2.

Ugh!!! Our tentative big move date was the 17th.
I don't think we'll be moving in 10 degree weather.
This timing is terrible.
Not to mention I am sick of winter--extreme winter--by now.
It figures that when we actually have enough snow to sled in, it's literally too cold to go out and play.

All you southern folk, be happy for your warmer-than-normal temps! I'd take that to this.


Mandy said...

You always want what you don't have. I would just love to frolic in some snow. I miss it so much. Of course, the life I lived in PA was one of a child...never having to shovel, drive, or ice down the snow. Maybe that is why I have such fond memories of the wintry north!! :)

Maybe the south will get some snow this year!! Just a thought.

Crystal said...

ok, Seriously?? we are gonna get up to 8 more inches?? AHHHH! I looked out this morning and saw about 3 or so on the van since 9 last night but I don't want anymore doggoneit! oh well. so you want some help next Saturday if you decide to move that day?

Erin said...

Ugh! No thanks! I love the snow but you can keep it. I'm loving the 60 degree weather we are having today. I'm sorry your plans got all messed up. I wish we were there to help you move.

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, wow! We haven't gotten barely *any* snow down strange. We were supposed to, but instead it's just ice, which I guess isn't any better ;) I hope the weather shapes up so you can move a bit easier!

Sue said...

that is cold. Living in the south since '93 though you really start to miss it. I'm sure I wouldn't want it for 3 plus months but I want a real season of winter!!! No thanks to 60 degree weather, I'd like it 30 degrees colder. I hope you have a warming trend for the move.


Amy said...

Me, me, me! Send it to me!

Jennifer said...

Can we just have a weeeeensie bit of that snow? :o( I think my body would go into shock with those temperatures though! Just send snow and maybe a low of thirty...

the JOHNSON family said...

9? That sucks! Since I've moved to TX, I can't tolorate that kind of weather anymore. Have fun! I don't feel one bit envious of you, you poor thing!

Andrea said...

I feel for your pain. I want to freak out on the weather. I HATE IT. Wanna move away, far away? Okay, so you just bought a house so your stuck. I'd sell mine if this stupid housing market didn't STINK.