Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writer's Block

I'm feeling like there's something I should be writing about, but can't come up with what.

Same feeling as when you're paying at the grocery store, knowing you're forgetting something but not sure what.

So now is your chance. As other bloggers have done, I'm putting it out there for you to ask me any questions you can think of or would like to know.

Humor me. Entertain. Or ignore.
It's up to you.


Sue said...

you are a blogger Monk.

Sharon said...

Is that all you've got?

Stefani @ said...

Sometimes I get that too! A good idea is to keep a notebook with you at all times to write things you think about blogging! Then you can come back to it later.

Bethany said...

Awesome! I am going to have fun with this... ;)

1) What was your college major?
2) How long did you teach before quitting/marrying?
3) What are Aidan and Brennan's middle names?
4) What's your favorite color?
5) What year did you graduate FUS?
6) What's your favorite food?
7) What's your favorite restaurant?
8) Are you crafty at all?
9) How many US states have you been to?
10) When you were in college, how did you spend your spring breaks?
11) Where all have you lived?
12) When did you & Pat get married?
13) Where did you travel while in Austria?

Hmm...I may be back with more ;)

Greg said...

Which type of bear is best? Black or Brown?