Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bears Are Smart

You know, with that whole hibernation thing. If we really had a "next life", I'd totally come back as a bear.

I usually look forward to February. In the past it's been a good month for us. (nixing my week long hospital stay in 2007).
So far February '09 has not been so wonderful.

We're crazy busy with moving into our house, cleaning out our previous townhouse, Pat starting his 2nd semester of classes...

Then Brennan.

Our first weekend fully in the new home, with a to-do list a page long, and we had to scratch it all.
Brennan started getting sick on Tuesday. At first we thought it was the previous night's dinner not agreeing with him, but he continued to throw-up throughout the day. Then he also started w/ the diarrhea. Wednesday he seemed a tad better, but that evening he got worse. Thursday was terrible, and Friday I finally took him to the Dr. I had called them on Tuesday, but got the "it's a virus, let it run its course" thing.
At his appointment on Friday the doctor diagnosed him with strep. Huh? She said his throat was red, but there were no white dots, his strep test came back negative, and so on. Still, she's the doctor, not me.
While there, Brennan got a shot of something in each leg to ease up the vomiting. According to the doctor, we should have seen improvements within the hour.

We did not.
In fact, he was getting worse, and now looking dehydrated.

I called the doctor again Saturday morning, and the nurse just told me to expect this another 4 days or so with his bug. Wanting to scream at her on the phone, I instead hung up and ran my mouth to my husband about how I do not like this Pediatric practice.

By 3:30 he was terrible, and we took him to the ER. I was a bundle of nerves and very emotional, but it was well worth the trip there.

It was actually a good experience at the hospital. We barely had to wait, the nurse and doctor were wonderful...
Brennan does not have strep. He has Rotavirus. His blood work did show dehydration, as well as low Potassium levels. Sad as it was, they gave him an IV. I confess to leaving the room while they did that-leaving my husband to hold him down and face him. (what can I say? I know my weaknesses) Two & a half bags of fluid later, along with a dose of Zofran, and my baby was doing much better.

The ER doctor scored even more points by sending us home with a prescription for the Zofran. Apparently it's a very pricey medication, and they called it "golden". It is one of the best for anti-nausea. He told me that he doesn't really say this with any other drug, but if Brennan does not need it, do not throw it away. Any family member could use it, it's hard to get an Rx for, etc.
Thankfully Brennan has not needed it. He seems to be on the mend. :)

I have to thank Crystal again for helping us out. Without any notice she let us drop Aidan off at their house, and they watched him for 5 hours while we were at the hospital with Brennan. Thank you, Crystal!!! You are a great friend.

Brennan being so sick (it's the worse he has ever been) has meant me rocking him most of the day, creating a decent toosh-dent in our chair. The house has not gotten any more unpacked, I've barely read blogs, e-mails, catch my drift.
I'm hoping we're saying goodbye to the icky stuff, and can hopefully resume our busyness of unpacking and organizing.

Several people have asked me for pictures, so here are a few:

The boys, first night in our new house

Happily riding their cars around while I unpack

Their play room, a tad more origanzied
Aidan had Silly Week at school. This was a combination of PJ Day and Wacky Day. I loved his propeller hat.
Obviously before B got sick...our first snowman! Pat & Aidan built him. He was a nice addition to the family. (has since melted)


Bethany said...

Oh no, the poor boy! I realized he was sick but I didn't realize *how* sick :( I am so glad he's feeling better.

Sue said...

Glad he's feeling better. you had your camera in the hospital? wow, like a photographer. your house looks great, Jack loves the playroom. what did you use for the snowman's face?

Mandy said...

Good grief!! So glad this is getting better. I am sorry that you are dealing with this on top of everything else!! Hang in there and thank God for great friends. :)

Stacey said...

omg poor little baby!!! I hope he's feeling better soon. How could they tell you to wait FOUR more days??

Amy said...

I'm glad you went with your gut and took him in-- how stressful for all of you! I'm glad, too, that's he's doing better.

I was on Zofran during my second pregnancy for severe hyperemesis. If I'm not mistaken that's the drug my home health nurse told me would cost $1200.00 per month if I didn't have good insurance. (At the time it was mostly used for chemo nausea.) That's probably why the doctor told you to hang onto it!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Oh wow. How scary. I've heard of the Rotovirus. HUGS to you and little B.


Amy said...

Sorry Brennan had such a rough go of it. Glad he's feeling better.