Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--July 27, 2009

Monday: Crockpot Chicken over Rice**
Pasta Night (meatless this week)
Wednesday: Chuck E. Cheese for a b-day party
Thursday: Vegetable Quesadillas
Friday: Eat out in Columbus since we'll be there for the day

**Crockpot Chicken over Rice is super easy. Take about a pound of boneless skinless chicken breast, place in crockpot. Pour a can of 98% fat-free cream of chicken soup, plus a can of 98% fat-free cream of ______ soup over chicken. Cook in slow cooker on low for 6+ hours. I often do cream of chicken and cream of mushroom, but we've also tried the cream of chicken plus cream of broccoli, or cream of celery, etc. They're all pretty good.
We serve it over steamed brown rice.

That's our menu for this busy week.
We're recuperating from a fun, yet fast trip to NC from the weekend. We have a b-day party this week, Aidan's first cross country meeting on Thursday, Speech, and then for Pat's work we'll be in Columbus all day on Friday. Phew! I need a 2nd cup of coffee just thinking about it all.
Off I go...have a great week!


Bethany said...

Well, yay for Friday is about all I've got to say! ;)

I'm glad you had a great trip-- the chicken sounds really good. I'll have to try it sometime when I'm actually home for dinner :)

Crystal said...

I'm getting excited for E's birthday on Wednesday!! My mom is actually gonna make to help out too! She's working earlier hours and since Jas is gonna be in MI for work, she thought it would be nice to join us all. Glad you had a good trip, tell Bethany hey when you see her Friday! and good luck to Pat!!!!

Sue said...

how can you cook after a 14 hr. trip???? I'm exhausted after only 4 hrs!!!

Becca said...

What kind of pasta do you do for pasta night? I am always looking for new ideas :)