Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have the typical pet-peeves: people chewing with their mouths open, interrupting, etc. You know the basics. Probably some of the same you have.

I've officially added one to the list.
My new PET-peeve?! People dang driving with their dog ON THEIR LAP!

HOW is that not illegal?
What's even worse? I have seen someone driving with their dog on their lap WHILE talking on their cell!
Hello, dumbass. Nice to meet you. Please stay far away from my vehicle while you permit yourself to be so distracted.

It irritates the crap out of me. I'm sure many of these people are the type that treat their pets like an actual child.
Well guess what. A child is not legally permitted to sit in the front, let alone ride on the driver's lap. How in Obama's crazy country is this legal?! So stupid.

It seriously irritates me, and it's officially on my list.
Don't drive with your PET on your lap! It peeves me off.


Amy said...


Who peed in your Wheaties this morning?! Apparently someone's pet dog. LOL!

Sharon said...

LOL, Amy. You're funny.
Nah. No Wheaties here. ;) (don't like them) It's just something I've noticed more & more lately when I'm out walking. With carseat laws extending later & later and cities cracking down on drivers, I am just surprised people can get away with THIS, kwim?

Are you one of those people? :~

Bethany said...

Well, guess I'm not bringing my dog along tomorrow, now that I know how you *really* feel!!!

LOL, no in all honesty that drives me crazy too! It has to be so distracting!!

Sue said...

don't you know that pets have more rights than kids??

Andrea said...

I don't let pets in general I guess.

This irritates me and made me laugh so hard while reading it. =)