Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Nice to See You Again

Ah, today I reunited with a number on the scale I hadn't seen since 2003. Since I got pregnant with my oldest, 6 years ago. It's been way too long.

I debated about making this post, because I certainly don't want to come off as one who is bragging.
Because you know what? This didn't happen easily for me.

My weight-loss journey has been a very long one.
One with many ups & downs, and more downs than ups.

I have worked very hard over the past few months to achieve a weight I am happy with.
It's taken a lot of hard work...many hours of exercise, much menu planning, looking endlessly for recipes that are low fat & still enjoyable.
It's doing the daunting task of writing everything down that I eat, measuring servings, going to meetings for motivation, turning to friends for inspiration.
It's meant being selfish at times, putting my need to exercise over my family's wanting to play a game, etc.  (no worries, most of the time it's only 25 minutes!)

So because of all of that, I can post this, because I worked hard for it.
I will have to continue to work hard to maintain this, for the rest of my life.
Exercising and eating well are not a stage. No, it's a lifestlye change I've gradually made over the last 6 years.
Best of all, it's a change I am happy my boys will grow up knowing.
Wheat vs white, diet vs regular, baked vs may sound trivial or like something to roll your eyes at. but it's good health. I value good health.

There was a day I thought the 120's would not be a number I'd see on the scale again.
I foolishly excused it, telling myself that I'm a mother now, and it's harder for moms to be a healthy weight.

That is true. But being a mom, in my opinion, makes it that much more important to aim for healthiness.
I'm not much away from 130's, but my personal goal was to just even see 129.9 on the scale. Today I saw 129.8 (never thought I'd publicly list my weight...lordy lordy). I could be smaller, thinner, but I am happy. I have this, written here, now, to remind myself I can do it. If the day comes where I don't believe again, I can come back to this.

I am a 29 year old woman who has had 3 pregnancies. I am a woman who doesn't have the money to spend on all fresh-all organic foods. I work with a grocery budget of $150 every 2 weeks.
I stay home, have no gym membership, and a husband who is gone to grad school a few nights a week.
All of that used to be reasons excuses why I was a higher weight, or why I wasn't exercising.
I had no gym. I had a lack of money to eat healthy. I had a body that endured 3 pregnancies.

Guess what? That doesn't matter. A tight budget, using your home as a gym, can be done.
This post here, this is my reality check.

These words I am pouring out into the world, right now, are my "hey you!" words.
If I say I can't again, I will read this.
Because I can.
And so can you.


Hyperactive Lu said...

its a huge accomplishment!!!! "brag" away girl!!

Bethany said...

YAY!!!!!!! I'm SO proud of you. You worked extremely hard to be at this place and you made it!!!!!!!! :)

Amy said...

Awesome, Sharon! Woo hoo! Have you given any more thought to being a WW leader?

Andrea said...

I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

you are so inspiring!! I'm just starting my weight loss journey and this was awesome to read!