Thursday, March 04, 2010

Grandparents Day

It's Grandparents Day at Aidan's school today.
I don't know who is more excited-him, or my in-laws. ;)

Both Marmar (Aidan's name for his paternal grandma, ever since he started talking) & Buppa are making the drive down here early this morning to participate. Aidan is a lucky kid!
They should be here in time to take him to school. First it's school Mass, then a reception after.
Aidan planned out the kids he wants to introduce them to, the art work he wants to show them, etc.
It's cute to see him so excited & enthusiastic about his "home away from home".

Speaking of grandparents....
We named the baby we just lost. I wasn't planning on it, but after some prompting from my dad, we did.
God does work in mysterious ways. When all of this was happening last week, Patrick actually had a dream that gave him peace about us having a girl. Baby #4, in his dream, was just that, so even though we don't know for sure, we went with a girl's name.
Ater his dream he had a strong feeling for the name Lily. I like the name, but wanted to know the meaning of it, first.
When looking it up, I learned it stems from "Lillian", which coincidentally is my grandmother's name (she passed when I was pregnant w/ Aidan).
I thought that was a faith-coincidence, so we agreed on naming our baby Lillian Hope. Not that it matters a ton, but it feels good to us. (I had been leaning towards Faith or Hope).

Lillian Hope is baby #4.
Partying up in heaven with Dorothy Grace (baby #2) and my grandmas, I'm sure.
Hopefully they're looking down on us and intervening. :)


Bethany said...

Aww, I hope Aidan and his grandparents have fun! I have very fond memories of Grandparent's Day at my grade school years ago :)

And I LOVE Lillian Hope-- perfect :)

Sue said...

I hope Aidan has a lot of fun w/ Pat's parents!!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I LOVE the name Lillian and I am so glad you named your baby, she is such a part of your family she needs a proper name so she can be celebrated and remembered and you gave her such a beautiful name. You are in my prayers!