Monday, April 26, 2010

Productive (I should be like this EVERY day)

I've had a good start to my week, and hope to keep it up.
Already today I've:

  • washed, folded, & put laundry away
  • cleaned bathroom, complete w/ mirrors, scrub toilet, bathtub, even floors-mopped, too, and washed rugs
  • vacuumed our 3 bedrooms
  • pjs already out, Aidan's uniform already set for tomorrow
  • coffee pot already set for tomorrow, as is boys' morning juice
  • mopped hallway and kitchen, dining area
  • prayed rosary (been a long time on that one)
  • I've stayed on program with my eating and done well today. Already drank most of my water, and eaten 3 servings of veggies.
If I was this productive every day, I could get rid of the tv! Ha! But never. I love my tv-watching.

Still on today's list:
-pick Pat up, go to one last store & price fridges.
-Come home & eat a fast dinner. Probably switching to hot dogs since we now have to go to the store between leaving work & home.
-Shower the boys, Aidan reads to us, boys to bed.
-The hardest part today will be forcing myself to exercise. I really need to, but I've lost so much motivation. Hopefully the rain will hold off & I can power walk, listening to Manic Mommies. 
One thing brings me down-over a week ago-and I downward spiral. I really need to change that about myself. Easier said than done.

I am happy to have so much done already this week, though. Let's see if I can keep it up!


Anonymous said...

You've been a busy lady! What are you going to do as a reward for all your hard work?

Greg said...

Busy, productive days really give you a great feeling, don't they?

I wish I would push myself to have a few more of those each week.

Bethany said...

Wahoo, great job! I went biking after work so you'll be happy, since my legs were not at the end. Wheewwww. Happy Monday ;)

Crystal said...

Good job, mama! Hope your week stays so productive.