Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~Terrific Tuesday~

Well, it's a hopeful title, at least. :)
 I started off kinda crabby today, but I'm aiming to be productive like yesterday, and it's improving my mood.

So far today I've done one load of laundry (in the dryer now), taken Pat to work & Aidan to school, and cut the front & back yard. Brennan was such a good boy while I cut the lawn.
I think already that's pretty productive. ;)

BUT...not as productive as having a baby! (not even close)
My sister-in-law gave birth to my newest niece at 1:25 this morning.
Welcome to the world, Seraphina Marie!
Isn't she beautiful? John & Erin have such gorgeous kids. I can't wait to meet this little girl! (probably in June) Seraphina is their 4th child, 3rd little girl. Aidan & Brennan are super excited to see them again, especially Aidan.

Today is also special because of another niece: Emily! Happy 16th Birthday, Emily!
Another beautiful niece. :) It's hard to believe Emily is 16. I have such fond memories of her making me stories, and having sleepovers with her, watching Power Puff Girls on the sofa bed. I went with my oldest sister to take Emily to school on her first day of kindergarten...and now she's 16. It sure flies by.

So yeah, today is pretty terrific.
I'm working & praying extra hard to keep a peaceful mood & maintain today a good day. :)
We certainly have many blessings!


Crystal said...

Doing great again today! And your nieces are both beautiful.

Janelle said...

She is beautiful and I love her name!


Bethany said...

Such an adorable little baby!! Awww