Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--April 26, 2010

Monday: Easy Fried Rice, strawberries on side
Tuesday: cereal or sandwich night
WednesdayMom's Best Bite-Size Meatballs, Cornbread (may do in crock pot)
Thursday: Cowboy Pot Pie

Monday...the chance to get the house back in order and resume routine. :) I have some appreciation for Mondays. Although yesterday we had an awesome family day. Nothing in particular, but just a good family day. One of those days that made me thank God for my family. He sure knew what He was doing! 

This week I have a few goals for myself:
  1. Exercise. I barely have the past week or so, and I've caved into emotional eating.
  2. No computer for myself once Aidan is home from school, unless to check a dinner recipe.
  3. Complete everything on the Motivated Moms list this week.
There it is: hold me accountable! :) Have a good week.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Like it!!! Oh and good goals for the week....