Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ONE Week!

One week from today Pat will be taking his final exam for his 1st summer course, then immediately following we're hitting the road for South Carolina!

This is going to be a busy week.

Pat studying, summer rec for Aidan, packing, checklists, cleaning out the fridge, and finishing some thing from up here for my parents' party. 

It's worth it! In one week's time, I'll get to see my family, the boys will love seeing their cousins, I'll get to meet the newest addition to our family- Seraphina.
Hopefully my sisters & I will take my mom out for some girl time. 
I hope to see my friend Jenny. 
And THEN...the party! Then a week in Gatlinburg!
In Gatlinburg we're supposed to go see Eclipse. The real reason I'm going is to check out Jacob. 
I admit it!

I have much to look forward to over the next week & a half, despite the 12 hour drive to SC. 
One week!


Sue said...

oh baby baby!! he is hot but no Edward. so excited for you all to get here!!! I am going to have a nice meal in the crockpot & New Moon playing ALL DAY!!!!!!!!


Crystal said...

I'm tentatively making plans to go see Eclipse with my friend Amanda. Maybe even on the 30th!!! and then a GNO after. Can't wait!! Have fun with all your plans. Is it okay if we maybe stop over for a bit Friday after we go to my mom and dad's? since we will be oh so close? let me know if it will work out at all.

lulu said...


Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!!