Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Few & Far Between

Lately, the moments when I see the good in my kids are too few & far between.
I realize that may make me sound like a bad mother, but I'm keeping it real here.
I've been down in the dumps with morning sickness, hormones, mood swings, and after all that, I am tired and crabby with the boys.

It's not their fault, and I really should work harder to act otherwise.

This afternoon we headed out to Barnes & Noble. It was raining, so it offered a good place to visit (plus they have the Thomas train table).
It was crowded, with 4 other kids playing.

I sat down with my grown-up books to flip through, and I quickly watched my own kids with pride.
I saw them in the way I always should.
They used such great manners: Brennan was asking nicely for a train, saying please & thank you. He was saying "accuse me" (re: excuse me;) when he needed to pass another train. He was patient. No tantrums. He was the younger one there, and he was the most polite! It really warmed my heart.
And believe me, I'm not always one to hand out compliments. But his manners were excellent.

Aidan used equally great manners, and what really made me smile was his choice to sit down and read books. He didn't play right away, but he sat and enjoyed the books.
When he came to play, he asked nicely for trains, traded with Brennan, etc.

I complain too much abut them, but today I was put in my place. They were so respectful and well behaved.
When it was time to leave, they carefully parked their trains and walked out with me.
No bribing, no counting...

These moments may be too few & far between, but today, I appreciate it. I see it.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

I hear ya Momma! Way to go for keepin' it real! I haven't felt that great this week- some type of cold or allergies- and I've been short with the kids when they don't obey immediately. I think it always does a Momma good to see their children acting the way you know you've taught them how. YAY for your boys!!! And HUGS to you.... don't beat yourself up too badly! :) You're a good Mama!