Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

It was quite the crowd gathered for the final game of the 5/6 year old Tee-Ball Team.

Blue Vs Orange (Aidan's on the blue team)

1st bat at 7:30, each inning ending only after each kid has had a turn at bat.

Aidan's Marmar & Buppa came in from Michigan to watch the game.
Each player at bat was announced and introduced.
Following the game, certificates and trophies were awarded.

Following that, we had our own personal celebration at Hershey's Ice Cream.

It was a great night.
Here is to the end of another great tee-ball season! (and the final; if he chooses to play again, it's coach-pitch!)

A little note to Aidan: (if he ever reads this blog when he is older, which I hope!)
You have grown so much this season. You last played tee-ball when you were 4 years old, and at that time, you were more focused on playing in the dirt and attempting to build sandcastles when in the outfield. 
You had attempts at bat, but it didn't often result the way you wanted.

Fast forward 2 summers, and playing as a 6 year old, you are focused. You play the game well. You work hard at bat, and let me say, you've had some good hits! We're proud of you.
Even in the outfield you impressed us. You watched where the batter would send the ball, and you'd go for it. Being the sweetheart that you are, if you got the ball first, you'd often pass it off to another kid so he or she could toss it back to the "coach" assisting the batter. 
It was fun to watch you play, to see how much you've grown.
I hope you enjoyed this tee-ball season. 
We certainly enjoyed watching you.

You're a great kid. Love you!

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Bethany said...

So darn cute! I wish I could have made it to one of his games. I can't believe I'm not going to make it to Toledo before your summer ends. Of course, my summer doesn't really have an end...LOL! ;-)