Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kicking Off FALL!

I love fall! Is there a more gorgeous time of year? A time of year with more scrumptious smells?

We had a nice weekend with some Fall activities.
Ohio State game on Saturday (I'm not a football fan, but college football isn't too bad;). I love playing an Ohio State fan over a Michigan fan, too. Of course the Buckeyes creamed the other team (Ohio University).
The sound of football on in my house=sounds of fall.

Our downtown had their annual Harrison Rally Day parade and festivities:
Harrison Rally Day is named for a presidential rally held in Perrysburg in the 1800s for William Henry Harrison, an important figure in the evolution of the Northwest Territory who went on to become the ninth president of the United States.
We've gone to the parade each year we've lived here, and it's becoming a nice tradition to kick off fall.
the boys before the parade began, forced/fake smiles & all

cool old-fashioned car

having fun one an inflatable

Brennan playing some baseball

Phew! He made it through the obstacle course

This year we got Brennan's yard-stake pumpkin. (last year we got Aidan's)

I love seeing the fall decorations and craft booths set up. We will be decorating for fall soon. Remember last year?

It's a cool morning, we're heading to church soon, then buying some fresh pork to make dinner with later today.
It's going to be a family day, with trees changing colors, us finding our fall decorations, and maybe making some soup. :)
Fall is quite welcome here.

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Katie said...

Looks like they had a great time!

And yes, fall is definitely the best season :D