Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Vacation: Week 3 (North Myrtle Beach!)

June 17-24th was spent in North Myrtle Beach.
Once again, my parents booked rooms through their timeshare, hosting my family & my siblings' & their families. It was a great time, being a mini-reunion. I hadn't seen most of them since this time last year, and it was great to just be around everyone.

The car ride down...the very LONG drive, wasn't so much fun, but it was worth it.
We already ordered a photo book & shipped it to my parents as a thank you. I hope they like it.

And now the pictoral review:
the boys admiring the view from our balcony, 14th floor

 Aidan & Brennan enjoying pool time w/ their cousin Jack
 where we stayed
 Cillian & I
 3 of my 4 men ;) (Aidan dresses himself...)
 my handsome hubby (I can feel his embarrassment reading this, but that's just tough!)
 my sister & I (btw, our dance party was a favorite from this trip!)
 view from our room
 Pat rode the performer's unicycle at Barefoot Landing
 Barefoot Landing

 darn humidity kept fogging up the camera! Still, it was our best family photo from the trip
 my sister gave me this red wine. And the humor: of us 3 girls, she is the middle sister.
 Cillian finally got to meet his godparents
 Cillian & I with my parents
 Brennan & Addie (he says she's now his best friend)

 palm trees...I love seeing them
 Yeah. We saw this not-so-happy face quite a bit on the drive home.
 One of the gorgeous views we saw on our drive
It was a very nice trip. :) By the end, it truly felt like it went too fast.


Bethany said...

I don't even know where to start! Hehe...

that picture of Cillian's face on the way poor guy. I can't believe how old he looks!

Okay I have to ask, since the girls got a night out, did the guys get one too? We had a dispute about this at our family reunion in 2000...

it looks like a great trip, really. I can see the resemblance between you and your sister.

Sue said...

Love the pictures!!! I have to say next time we are forced to stay at deathly heights I must enforce the rule no one on the balcony!!! You do realize a huge seagull could have flown by & taken Cillian?
Now, if we all go to Niagara Falls next summer, I will put down a long piece of masking tape so everyone can see where they are allowed to stand.

Andrea said...

great pictures and looks like a lot of fun! :) Cillian is getting so big.