Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--July 11, 2011

Monday: Lasagna Rolls, Salad
Tuesday: Orange-Crumbed Baked Chicken, broccoli, probably potatoes
Wednesday: Pepperoni Bites, Salad, fruit
Thursday: Leftovers or Sandwich Night
Friday: Pancakes for Dinner

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Crystal said...

Haven't been to your blog in a while and the first two posts I see? Perfect! One I wasn't expecting, but needed, and this one, that I was hoping to find a recent one. I so need inspiration this week, especially since Jas suddenly is on a weight loss kick (I'm proud of him, really, if not a *tiny bit* jealous, LOL). So I thought I'd see what WW recipes you might have :) I always know who to go to!!