Friday, July 08, 2011

Week 4! Summer Vacation

Summer is rolling along quickly! Our week coming off of vacation-mode was hot, humid, but still fun. :)

Cillian showing off smiles at the library
 Brennan playing at library
 searching for books while Aidan was in an art class
 the boys at the 577 Foundation
 drumming along
 Aidan checking out the climbing wall
 This is how Cillian hangs on our outings
 Summer Rec "Games & Giggles" 
 Aidan had not 1, not 2, but THREE friends over for some water fun
 water gun fight!
 and of course some Wii time
 enjoying sno-cones at Perrysburg's 1st Friday
 trackless train ride at First Friday

Cillian! Trying to crawl already
the big-boy needed to move out of the bassinet already as he was SHAKING it so much. Now it's the crib! (and in bed w/ us;)
Some fun at the park...Brennan w/ a marvelous stick
park fun

Aidan at bat
library yet again (once for Aidan's class, once for Brennan's)
Brennan at bat!
As you can see, week 4 was busy! Maybe a little too busy after coming off vacation-mode, but we had some fun.

Summer: one month in. How's it going for you?


Amy said...

It's going by way too quickly! But sure looks like you guys are having fun.

Crystal said...

LOVE the pictures. I miss you guys :(