Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--August 22, 2011

Monday: Dinner at school for Back to School Night (thank you Lifeteen!)
Tuesday: Meatloaf Muffins, green beans, potatoes
Wednesday: Hot Dogs, baked beans, chips, salad (Aidan's choice-his 1st day of school)
Thursday: Chicken Fajitas in the Crock Pot
Friday: Pancakes for dinner (Boys' Night)

I'm in complete denial that school starts back this week. I don't feel ready, and I'm not ready for my boys to be gone so much.
Still, here is hoping for a great school year filled with many good experiences!


Amy said...

I so need this list. We've committed to eating dinner at home every night this week. This will be a good start.

Is Brennan in pre-school still (please say yes!)?

Sue said...

How was Aidan's first day? Brennan didn't start yet did he?

Sue said...

DUH!! He starts Wed. I'm very sleep deprived. ;)

Amy said...

I hope they had a great first day of school... and that you're OK with the boys being gone. I really think the start of school is harder on us moms sometimes!

Amy said...

* HAVE... not had
(a great first day)