Tuesday, August 16, 2011

His 1st Tee-Ball Season!

Brennan finished his very first season of t-ball: 4 year old t-ball through our city's summer rec program.
He LOVED it! And bias-aside, he was adorable. 
When he'd get the ball in the outfield, no matter where I was or where the ball was supposed to be going, Brennan would run to me and proudly yell "MOM! I got the ball!". All surrounding parents would chuckle & say "he's so cute". 
Yeah, this mom agrees.
 getting ready to bat
 this kid is growing up so fast!
 Batter Up!
 Run to 1st Base!
 Proudly getting his very first trophy
 this doesn't come close to capturing his excitement

 on to business: trophy: check! Certificate: check! Freezie? yes please!
 Celebratory ice cream after the final game. Now a tradition.
 Enjoying the ice cream & the glorious mess
 Placing his trophy on his shelf. Just like Aidan's now. :)
 Me & my little player

The handsome men in my life
It was a blast & Brennan is already asking when he can play again. 
Hopefully sooner than later we can say "play ball!".

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Bethany said...

Aw, I'm so glad he had fun! I looooved baseball when I was younger, still do, really ;)