Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Don't Say

"Make Sure to get enough sleep. Being over-tired can be a trigger for snacking and overeating."
Tip #59, Weight Watchers Ultimate 3 Month Tracker

Um, yeah....
Funny I read that today. 
I have really been struggling lately with my eating and (lack-of) exercising.
Without a doubt, it's directly related to the major sleep issues happening over here. As in Cillian waking about every 2 hours most of the summer. 

I know, I know..."let him cry".
I have some issues with that, and quite frankly, I stink at it.
I can handle the 1st time he goes down for the night, but in the middle of the night?

That's where I am right now, up 3 pounds. :( Im not happy about it, but yesterday I got myself back on track. 
Now if only that cute 6-month old of mine would sleep again...

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