Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's Worth the Half Hour

Several people on Facebook had posted this, so yesterday I finally watched it.

I am glad that I did.

The first few minutes into it, I was beyond shocked and appalled that these youthful people did not even know who HITLER was. That was disturbing in & of itself.

The way this was lead, though, made it worthwhile. The change...the angle.

It made me grateful for the education I've received, the people in my life that value LIFE, and especially grateful for the opportunity I had to tour Auschwitz and Birkenau.

I will confess this: I've always been pro-life, yes. But it wasn't until I visited Auschwitz that it started to "personalize" for me. The fire's flame was lit then, so to speak.

Please watch this. It's truly eye-opening and amazing.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

wow, what a neat and sad parallel! thanks for sharing this video!!