Sunday, October 02, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--October 3, 2011

Yeah, yeah, Menu Plan Monday on Sunday.
That's because I want to share today's delicious new recipe! :)

I bought a whole chicken for the first time. Maybe that's surprising, but bones, skin-on, and that much rawness kind of gross me out. (to my credit, I've done a big fat turkey)
The price, however, is very appealing. And it's pretty when it's all cooked, surrounded by the tasty carrots and potatoes. It's comfort-food, and Sundays are good for comfort food. Especially when the low temp dips into the 30's at night!
Sunday: Rubbed Down, Slow Cooked Chicken, potatoes, carrots (check it w/ a meat thermometer & no worries)
MondayDelicious Potato Soup (it's seriously delicious. It doesn't even taste an ounce of low-fat.)
Tuesday: Teriyaki Sticky Chicken, rice, steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chili w/ corn muffins
Thursday:  Leftover Chili over Baked Potatoes
Friday: Refried Beans over Rice, topped with cheese & sour cream if you fancy

My hubby is off to a Notre Dame football game over the weekend! I hope he has a great time visiting with old friends. The boys & I will be making some fun fall crafts to decorate our home. :)
Happy Fall!!


Crystal said...

I was planning on a whole chicken yesterday for dinner too and was going to have to be home by such and such time to start it. Until I read your post! I NEVER thought about using the crockpot for a whole chicken!!! OF COURSE! So easy! I had a seasoning packet/mix from the store I had planned on using, so I rubbed it all over the skin, under the skin, and inside and tossed it in the crockpot for about 5 1/2 hours. Oh my gosh! It was the most tender, juiciest, yummiest chicken ever! Jason loved it and the boys ate it all up! I'm glad I stopped over to check out your post and saw that idea. Not only did dinner turn out great, but we were able to go do stuff without having to rush home for mom to start dinner. Thanks :)

Amy said...

I do whole chickens in the crockpot regularly... we can usually get 2-3 meals out of them, making soup or casseroles after the first day. Here's a tip: make 3-4 golf ball sized balls of foil and put them in the pot under the chicken. This keeps the bottom from getting soggy from sitting in the juices.

I did get my act together and post my menu this week (HERE)... I've been slacking a bit in the menu department lately. Life is SOOO much easier when I have a plan! :)