Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Another Milestone: First Reconciliation

We sat in the church pews, waiting for Aidan's turn to enter the confessional.

I looked over at him, as he nervously sat, trying to pray and relax.
In his dress pants and dress shirt, neatly tucked in, belt on and nicer shoes on.

He looked mature, all of a sudden, and more grown up.
Not like the kid who started at our parish school 2.5 years ago.
A bigger kid, now grown and mature, understanding things on a deeper level.

First Reconciliation doesn't get the same hype as Baptism and First Communion, understandably so.
But it's still important. It's still a Sacrament, and a wonderful opportunity to learn about mercy and infinite love.

I think I'll always feel a bit choked up as my children receive another Sacrament.
Aidan making his First Reconciliation is no different.
I am proud of him, and welcome this new part of his life where he can now join us for Confession.

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Amy said...

Robbie's is tomorrow. I'm nervous for him. I want to go sit with him and help him, but I know this is one of those "letting go" moments.