Saturday, May 13, 2017

MIA for YEARS...but I have thoughts seeking a place outside my head

Yeah, it's been years, and do people even really blog any more? 
I don't expect anyone to read this other than myself.
Still, if YOU are here reading this, let's just pretend you're caught up to current times, and another post could come to bridge the gap from the last few years.

I feel that I'm in a unique, blessed stage of parenthood. Motherhood, in particular. 

This morning my husband left with 3 of our boys for a Scout campout. Grant it, one of the boys is only an honorary scout, not officially joining until the fall. Still, Donovan and I said goodbye to THREE of my boys leaving for the night. I'm home with just my almost-3yo.

It's such a crazy stage of life, but what a blessing, such a blessing, to have not only multiple children, but kids spanning the years like this. I have a teenager now, he's awesome and old enough to babysit, quite independent, etc. Then our youngest is 2.

On any given day, I can be listening to The Wheels on the Bus while also hearing 21 Pilots in the background. It's crazy and so cool at the same time. I've got the growing-into-adulthood child, and my "baby". I can feel so much more intensely how fast these moments are fleeting.
Aidan, Brennan, and Cillian are off to camp. No diapers. No excessive amounts of extra clothing. No tears in saying goodbye to mom.
BUT, they were just sitting there listening to nursery rhyme songs! Aidan was just 2! They were the ones staring at me through the window, heartbroken that I'd actually go somewhere without them (like Kroger). I mean, they were just there. And now? Now they're nearly taller than me. Aidan's voice is changing. They SMELL, people. 😆

HOW? How did it go from them sitting next to me, excitedly singing nursery rhymes, to this? 

It's beautiful and right, I know. But you don't think that a blink can change things so much. 
Because that's it. It feels like I've only blinked my eyes. 

I complain and I grumble and get grouchy, but you know what?
I am so very blessed. To not only have 4 children on this earth, but to have them the ages they are. I have the oldest showing us how fun and great it can be to embark into teenager-hood, and at the same time the joy of toddlerhood to help us slow it down and remember the growing phases, which Brennan and Cillian still show us. It does go by so fast. 

God has given me quite a gift in motherhood. 



Jody Lutter said...

Keep blogging! Cultivates your need to write.

Lisa said...

Hi Sharon, I just went onto my blog after a 6 year break. I don't even know if I can still edit it. I either don't remember or it's locked. Glad to hear everything is going well. Unfortunately, I've been through a rough few years. My husband Steve was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of unknown primary in January 2015. He passed away Feb 13, 2017. I'm still reeling from the shock and adjusting my life. Especially now that my youngest has gone off to college (Central Michigan) as of August. My oldest is in his 4th year at University of Alabama and will take at least one more year to get his undergrad. You are right about time flying. I have a very empty nest, but I do have my kitty and tons of family and friends that keep me going. God always provides and this is true now more than ever. He has especially blessed me with a super sweet niece and her three children (8, 6 and 3) who keep me young. They bought a lake house this year and I spend many a weekend healing my soul there. I've also been fortunate to be able to go on a women's Catholic retreat at Manresa and have another one scheduled for next month. Keep blogging and thanks for giving me a space to write until I can figure out how to get back into my blog. Take Care!