Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sharing Some Christmas Ornaments

Jennifer inspired me when she shared pictures on her blog of their ornaments.
Of course I went to our tree, trying to determine which ones mean the most.
I decided that's darn near impossible for me, because I am a sentimental-nut. I could come up with a reason why every ornament on there should be "special". I did manage to narrow it down, though, with the help of my more decisive 3 year old. (ever notice how decisive children are?!)
Here are some pictures of a few of the special ornaments on our tree. There is no theme or rhyme & reason to it. Just some special ones that I can actually put into words why they are special. :) (pardon the blur)
(our newest addition. I love the kneeling Santa collection! I think it captures Christmas perfectly)

(above: I know this one is so stereotypical, with the pregnant mom & pickles & ice cream. I just thought it was so cute, though! We got this when I was pregnant with Aidan. The names on the book are names we were considering while I was pregnant-Patrick, Aidan, and Grace. :)

(Above: photo ornament from Aidan's 1st Christmas, 2004. )

(Above: dork moment! This is me from kindergarten. I made this in school. It's been around forever. It reminds me of growing up, and I love it.)

(Above: We got this for Aidan last year. The star did have 2006 on it; the shirt reads Big Brother. I was pregnant with Brennan. Aidan was also into firetrucks. It was great on two accounts!)

There you have it! We buy new ornaments every year. And every year when we pull them out, I get all weepy and happy, remembering why each one is significant. It's part of what I love about Christmas. :) This year I've already picked up 4 new ones-a bit unusual for us. I'm sure I'll get at least one more, too.

How about you?

Thanks, Jen, for the fun idea!


Andrea said...

Cute! I like the preggo mommy bear. I have one almost just like that. I need to do mine. I told Jen I would and still haven't done it. Maybe I will right now. LOL! Will see. I have to go pee so I better do that first. loved all of yours.

Andrea said...

I did mine!!!

Sharon said...

Glad you did it, too. :)