Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Thing on Sleep

(Stemming from this post and this one)
I once again feel reassured that I may just be doing the right thing, after all.
I always forget how wonderful this site can be. Fortunately tonight I browsed it again, and this article was my light at the end of the tunnel. This part especially clicked in my head:
I also realized that our society has little understanding of newborns, and does not sanction compassion for their needs or feelings. Demand nursing, as I saw it, was no different from caring for a family member who has been rendered powerless. Would we refuse an incapacitated father a meal because it was "not time"? Or leave a paralyzed spouse alone in a room to "cry it out"--checking in every 10 minutes to say, "It's Ok"--without trying to find out what is wrong and doing something about it? If he or she only wanted to be held, would we refuse, for fear of spoiling someone we love? How can anyone claim that legal or religious tenets require us to deny babies sustenance and comfort "in their best interests"?

Yup. I may not be in the same situation as the author of this article, but if she got through it, so will I. I know I'd rather regret responding too quickly/too often to my child than not responding enough. That's all. I wanted to share, in case you were interested.

PS-This isn't to say anything negative on CIO if you chose that. Again, if it seems like it'd help Brennan within a short amount of time, then diggity-dawg, so be it! If it's worked for you, then enjoy your sleep tonight. :)


Andrea said...


I read your second post last night.. The CIO has been on my mind ever since you first posted about it the first time. I don't know why - just why I don't do it, how I parent, etc. You've made me rethink things. Thanks! =)

Anyway, I like that quote and that sums up my emotions last night when I was feeling like - Ugh, she's fine! But she needed this milk machine. I'm glad things are looking up.

Jennifer said...

Yay! Great post and great article--I love that website! It's great to hear someone talk so REALISTICALLY from this point of view. I went through everything she did (including the comments and pressure from friends and family, my past "speaking" to me, and the whole nine yards). This style of parenting just "became" me. It's strange how we just figure out the way we need to be. I'm so happy you've found once again where you belong in this crazy world of parenting and that you still have respect for people who don't do it the same way as you. I hate the criticism for my pareting style and I never want to make any loving parent feel that way. :o)