Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brennan-Sleep Update

Thank you all so much for your comments on my post about crying-it-out. I really appreciate your honesty, experience, and most of all, listening to me vent! You all shared great advice.

I have not started any type of cry-it-out routine. I have put him in the crib to cry for 10 minutes or so when he's bit me (OUCH!), but I have not left him to cry himself to sleep.

I think part of me made that post hoping to get talked out of it. And I think most of me just really needed to vent with other moms. My husband is an amazing father, but unless you're the milk-machine being needed, it's hard to fully relate.

To answer some of your questions: Brennan won't take a pacifier. I was dead against them with Aidan, but willing to try them this time around. We tried all the different brands, every couple of weeks, and he gags on them. Now he does have a silicone one he loves to bite on, but he never takes them to actually pacify himself. I'm ok with this, as I'm not too keen on pacifiers.
Where does he sleep? From day one we've been co-sleeping. He sleeps next to me. He has slept in his crib several times, but I think I do better with him in our bed. However, he is not a snuggler all night long like Aidan was. I'm wondering if he'd do better in his crib. So we're experimenting. That's another reason why CIO seems somewhat harsh to me. He's not used to his crib fully, and I don't think it's safe to leave him CIO on our bed with him being mobile now.

Much of the time it is a mad cry. Because I know it's a "mad cry" and not an "I'm hurt" cry, that is why I feel ok with letting him have some time in his crib crying, if that's what he needs to understand that it is time to sleep and not play. I don't let that go beyond 5-10 minutes, though. (For me, crying-it-out is harder on the parents!) I've thought of trying it with Brennan, though, because he is a much more mild baby than Aidan was. With Brennan, I'd try it because I have doubts that it'd have to go as long as 20 minutes. I have yet to do that, and I certainly don't want to do anything to lead Brennan to not trust us or our family. (side note--our doctor did acknowledge that Brennan is past the point of object permanence. This means that when we leave the room, he does know we're still around & will be back. If he was not yet to this point, I'd feel CIO is cruel!)

I'm giving it some more time, adding in some Tylenol for teething discomfort, and hoping for the best. If I feel pushed to my limit again, I may pick up on the idea again. I think mostly I needed to vent!

Thanks again for listening. I wanted to update & let you know that I'm not leaving him to scream to the point of exhaustion. ;) Hopefully I can report soon that he is back to his old sleeping self.


Stacey said...

Oh mylanta, that is the most adorable picture.

Jennifer said...

Oh boy do I remember the milk machine days or what!! It feels like it was forever ago now, isn't that funny? I'm so scared that I won't like it or have the same dedication to it if I have a second baby...That's a little scary for me.

And UGH! I remember the biting, too--Landon wasn't a big biter, but I do remember every single nip he took at me--Those bites are unforgettable!! YIKES!

Also, Landon gagged on pacifiers too--He could never drink out of bottles either. Yup, I was definitely the milk machine!

dcrmom said...

This is a tough stage. I remember well. I always struggled with whether to cio or not. Go with your gut, that's all I can tell you. And it won't last forever. :-)

Andrea said...

Hi again! LOL! The picture is absolutely adorable.

So the pacifier thing - Landen wouldn't take one FOR ANYTHING. I was really, really against it but I did try when he'd scream in the car and not stop. That's when I finally would get him out and nurse him to be quiet *shhhh.. don't call Social Services on me*
Amelia is a great little car rider and when she is fussy she's all about the pacifier. =)

The milk machine.. yep! I like to call myself "The Human Cow!" I don't even own any bottles, which I'm happy about, but sometimes that's all I do. why even wear a shirt, just hook the kid to me and get on with my day. It only last for a short period of time.

I hope things get better soon. BITING IS HORRIBLE Btw!!!! Amelia has been having some fun with that. She likes to grab on, hold with her gums/teeth and then whip her head in the other direction as fast as possible. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!