Saturday, February 23, 2008

Are YOU Monk-ish?

Take the quiz to find out. :)

My results: I am a little Monk-ish. You've got a few Monk-ish tendencies, but they're totally natural. You're more go-with-the-flow than grab-the-flow-and-redirect-it-so-it's-straight-and-symmetrical. Keep the delicate balance you've got between keeping order and embracing spontaneity and you'll be set. Mr. Monk may very well be envious of you!

Cool. In areas of organizing and cleaning, I wish I was more Monk-ish.

By the way, I thought last night's finale was excellent. Did you watch it?


Angie said...

I came up as "More Monk-ish than Most." Go figure. ;)

Sue said...

I'm about to take the quiz, wish me luck_______ thanks. Natalee, in my opinion was the best last night!!!! Monk was looking mighty fine in his car wash uniform

Greg said...

I scored "A Little Monk-ish." There are a few things than I can be quite OCD about.

When I remove eggs from the carton, I MUST make the remaining eggs balance in the carton symmetrically. I think that's my biggest Monk trait.

Oh, and I don't like milk!

Sharon said...

Sue-be sure to come back and share how you scored!

Greg-I hate milk, too. ;) The egg thing makes sense to me. I mean, if you DON'T balance the carton, you could end up w/ broken eggs, right?

Angie-thanks for stopping by. I've missed you!

Jennifer said...

More Monk-ish Than Most--Dang it! And if I go take it again, that will make me more of a control freak, right? They were trick questions! (Dang it again.)