Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Chiropractic Care for Children Found to be Safe and Effective!"

I was pleased to find this article in my inbox today, especially since last Friday began Brennan's visits to the chiropractor.
Two recent survey studies have shown chiropractic care for children is safe, gets results and offers children unexpected health benefits. One survey included data from doctors of chiropractic and the other survey collected data from parents of children under care.

Both surveys revealed that children experienced added health benefits beyond what they came in for. The three most common additional benefits were: improved immune system function, improved sleep and improved moods in the children.

Remember his sleep issues? Well, they haven't gotten much better, and I recall a few people suggesting the chiropractor. (Carol, who used to run Parenting Decisions...I miss her and her site!). Reaching my breaking point and exceeding my exhaustion levels, I made the call.

I admit I was somewhat skeptical. The chiropractor quickly made me feel comfortable, however. He was great with Brennan, didn't talk down to me or anything, and I was encouraged when he shared with me that they, too, decline vaccines for their children. It's always better when there is a common factor, isn't it?

Brennan has been back once more since then, and we're going again on Friday. I'm not sure how long we'll do this, but he did sleep better and settle down quicker after that first appointment. I am open to this until I see a reason I shouldn't be.


Ashley said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't help but comment on this issue. Gabriel, who is now almost 8 months old, was a TERRIBLE sleeper, partly my fault I think. I do not believe in the cry it out solution but I had to do something. I was soooo sleep deprived. He was waking every 20min-1hr!! I found Dana Obleman Sleepsense solution online. I got the e-book and the same night started the program on Gabriel. He did cry but we went in there every 5 min to check on him. I know that he was fed, dry, warm, etc. But he WANTED to nurse!! That was how he got to sleep and back to sleep, etc, etc... So we started this on New Year's Eve... great timing I know but it worked! He cried for 40 min the first night with us checking on him every 5 min (you can stay in the room if you want, but we chose not too because we knew that G would get used to that). Once he was asleep he slept for 6 hours!!! I was thrilled. He's a much better sleeper now, but still only going (on good nights) 8 hours at a time, but getting about 11 hours of sleep a night. I highly recommend Dana Obleman's book... It's VERY practical and very loving. You basically mold it to what you're comfortable with. I know exactly how you feel. I thought I was going CRAZY when he wasn't sleeping. You need your sleep... DO NOT feel guilty about that. I would love to talk more if you'd like. ashleyncauble@gmail.com

Jennifer said...

I didn't know Brennan was seeing a chiropractor! Keep me updated on that! And remember that my step-mom is a chiropractor, so if you have any questions or doubts, etc. you can call or e-mail me or her about them :o)

Oh, and Kelly has seen AMAZING results with Cameron through a chiro. He sleeps better, has gotten rid of a vomiting disorder and much much more. I have been "iffy"{ about chiropractic care for Landon, but I have had Diana help ME multiple times :o)

30 Minute Mommy said...

I posted on this very same topic a few weeks/ days back. I am so glad you posted thi article! Thanks! Those pictures are so sweet.

Andrea said...

I'm not sure my exact thoughts on Chiropracters.. I'll be honest though.. they make me nervous and I've heard a lot of crazy things. I'm glad to hear a positive note to it, keeping my mind open in case I ever need one or my immediate family.