Friday, August 21, 2009

Six Pounds Makes a BIG Difference

Much more than I thought.
You all know I've grown accustomed to doing the shred. What can I say? I love the work-outs and the short amount of time it requires. It just really works with my schedule right now.

I've done all 3 levels. Not to perfection, but I have done each level consistently since May.
I only had two 5-pound weights, so that's what I've used. 10 pounds total still made for a good stress on my muscles.

I was getting bored with level 3 (even though I was nowhere near perfection with it), and believe it or not I had skipped the shred for almost 8 days.

You can go ahead & pick your jaws up off the floor.
I have implemented my new plan. :)
See that? Ignore the dorky aspect of the picture (I was trying to look tough...ha!). I'm showing my 8-pound weights! 3 more pounds per weight, and I'm shredding now with 6 extra pounds than before. (oh yeah, and ignore the upside down 8)
I have started back to level 1 using the 8-pounders, trying to follow Natalie the entire time.

You can laugh at me now, because let me say I did not expect 6 pounds to make such a difference. WOW. I did it just once so far, and I am sore. Even my legs. Doing those darned squats with the weights, and my legs are yelling at me for a sauna or something.
I plan to start today without missing a day. I am back to counting my points as of today (took time away while vacationing), and I hope to shred each day. I really enjoy it, and my body is finally to a point where it craves exercise. I can say in all honesty I didn't think I'd reach this point again. I have not been to this point since I danced in high school.

Oh, and please note that the picture was taken after I exercised, so I'm sweaty and icky.
I do shower, I swear. ;)


Erin said...

You're good, I'm still using 3 lb. weights. I am feeling pretty weak now ;)

Bethany said...

Ohhh my gosh. Yea, I'm with Erin in using the 3 lbs-ers. YIKES. You go girl, you have way more endurance and perseverance than I do!!!!!

Lu said...

Woo hoo!

Amy said...

Just the name makes me want to sell T-shirts that say "dread the shred." But good for you!

In Light of the Truth... said...

You look great, Sharon! Keep up the good work!!

Andrea said...

You don't need to loose wt. Look at you, you look great!!!! love the pic, even if you are sweaty. way to go.