Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March, I Welcome You

February is not a nice month to us. Not since moving from Michigan to Ohio. Good thing it's a short month!
I am glad it's over, and happy to see March. March can be good: St. Patrick's Day, spring arrives (spring-like weather is a different story;), it's lighter longer, tax return arrives, and we'll be getting a house full of new windows.

February...I'm starting to loathe it.
First of all, Valentine's Day. Seriously a dumb day. There. I said it.
I think love is great, yes, but it's turned into such a Hallmark holiday, it's pathetic.

February 2010: My mom's stressful surgery, plus losing our 4th baby/2nd miscarriage.

February 2009: had to take Brennan to the ER. Rotavirus. He was sick almost the entire month. Scary. Puke-fest.

February 2008: EVERYONE was sick. Flu. Gross. Thank goodness we had 2 bathrooms at the time.

February 2007: spent a week in the hospital with kidney stones, while pregnant with Brennan. Most sarcastic FUN ever.

Heck, February 2006, we were living in MI, but that's when we found out my grandmother had cancer.

February, I karate chop you!!!!
Maybe this new decade will bring forth better Februarys. I sure as heck hope so! I'm starting to dread the month.
(except, of course, for fun days like Bethany's birthday and our godson's birthday, and my nephew's birthday;).

Thank goodness March is here.


Cascia said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't have a very good February. I hope March is better for you. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Bethany said...

Well it's a good thing you mentioned my birthday because I was about to ban myself from reading your blog! In all honesty though, I am not a fan of February either. I much prefer May/June!

Sue said...

Haleigh was conceived in February-I hope that grossed you out.