Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who is Your Idol this Season?

 Thanks to Facebook, I saw who went home last night before being able to finish watching Idol myself.

I am so disappointed! Tim Urban, while not always stellar, is quite good. And he has drastically improved in the last 2 weeks.
Aside from that, I love his personality. He gives off such a happy, peaceful vibe, and I love that he comes from a large family. I think it contributes to his ability to go with the flow so well.
Plus, I admit...he is CUTE. That smile?! Come on! He's a little "dreamy" looking. Even if I am 10 years older than him. (sigh)

Tim is one of my idols for the season, even though I've never felt he'd be THE winner. (Tim, you're still a winner, though!)

I wanna break it down now:

Aaron Kelly: great talent, awesome person, but getting boring, in my opinion. Such a sweet, innocent-seeming guy, but for me, enough slow songs! He has that David Archuletta-factor to him.

Casey James: I think he should have gone home long ago. While I think he's good, I've never seen the hype over this guy. And sorry, I think he resembles Bucky. Remember him?

Casey sounds the same every single song, every week.

Big Mike: Love this guy...personality. Talented, yes, but no chance of winning. Sorry, Mike! Great smile, though. :) I would love to hear him belt out more Ray Charles or James Brown. See what he's really got.

Siobhan: Obvious talent, quirky talent. But I don't like her. She's too odd for me type, and the screaming-singing she does isn't enjoyable EVERY song. Too Steven Tyler for me. I hope she goes home next week.

Lee: excellent. His sound is one I would not get sick of, I'd buy the CD, and it helps that he's good looking. He seems humble and grateful, and that is like the cherry on top. I hope to see him in the finale. He will succeed regardless, and it won't be any one-hit wonder. He will continue to rock.

Speaking of the finale...Crystal. My money is on her winning this season. I've felt that for weeks now. She is obviously the most talented. And it is pretty cool she's from the area where we live. When they showed areas from her home a few weeks back, one of the bars they showed is walking distance to our church. So cool! When they send the top 3 home and give out "key to the cities", bla bla bla...I would really love to take Aidan and go cheer her on. She's not my personal favorite for music style all the time, but I think she is hands down the most talented and most genuine.

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Sue said...

In my dreams Tim would be the runner up & Lee the winner. I just don't get the appeal everyone has to Crystal. She has a great voice & is talented but it is her look that bothers me. The dreads-or however it's spelled, is so gross. Lee is my fav & Haleigh is SO SAD Tim is gone!! Everyone is mediocre in my opinion.