Sunday, March 02, 2008

"In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb"

So goes the saying for March. M-A-R-C-H already! Phew. It's made its way fast, hasn't it? I welcome it. I welcome March. Now it's only 19 days until spring, officially. (unfortunately here in the Midwest it may be longer until we experience consistent spring-like weather).

February was a decent month. I always enjoy Groundhog Day. :) On top of that two great people I know started their own blogs (Mediocre Girl and Big-Tuna), I made Lifetime with Weight Watchers, and I re-did our bathroom decor. Pretty good month. Oh, and of course, the once-every-four-years leap day. (Aidan's first!)

Even though February was decent, I have higher hopes for March. March is already off to a good start. We received good news about our tax return, which will really help us expedite our plan of action according to the Dave Ramsey plan. Finally that emergency fund will be set aside, and some minor debts will be taken care of. I can't tell you how good that feels. My stress level is already decreasing. That feels great.
Our finances are looking better, my husband has been doing well at work, and everything is lining up for him to register and enroll for Graduate School. All of this occurred this past week.

I'm looking forward to this month, also, because of St. Patrick's Day (hence my blog appearance), SPRING, Easter, hopefully warmer weather...I am so ready to get my boys outside! We're getting maintenance done on our van, doing some spring/summer clothes shopping...
See? I think March will be a good month.

So I just spilled the beans on my March plans & expectations. What are yours? Any plans? Things to look forward to?


Andrea said...

Ha ha ha! Kurt said the same thing to me about March. I'm so glad it's hear, but this weather is being tricky. We're supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. AHHH. At least our drive way is cleaned off - finally.

Sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff for March. I wish I could say the same. Looking forward to Easter, the St. Patricks Day parade. Hmm.. tax refund should be nice, what else, what else, Buying more cloth diapers. Ha ha! =)

Here's to hoping spring is seriously just around the corner. Us midwest girls need a break!

Sue said...

I would love more than anything for the month of March for my kids to go without any sinus infections or asthma flareups! February was a bad month health wise so I look forward to a healthier month. St. Patrick's Day here means corned beef & cabbage!!! Yum! The 13th will be a tough day because that is Shirley's bday, she would've been 71. Jeff may not even notice it though because he will be super busy with his cleaning business! He starts today!!!!! He'll be doing roughly 80 hrs a week give or take so it will be interesting to say the least. Ofcourse I love Easter! Maybe this year Jack will be able to enjoy his chocolate bunny the way it was intended to be! Haleigh will finally get the dvd Mary Poppins & I'm sure I'll pick up The Bee Movie. Oh yea, Happy Birthday Randy & Hoi.

Crystal said...

It sounds like March is going to be great for you guys! I'm going to try and post an update here in a bit(still want to share those bathroom pics too, LOL). We have some exciting stuff going on too.

Greg said...

I'm looking forward to March, too.

The weather is starting to get warmer and the first trip to the beach usually happens in late March.

Gotta love St. Patrick's Day and Easter a week later. It'll be my 3rd anniversary of officially being Catholic!!

Then I'll be taking a week long vacation at the end of the month in Charlotte and Atlanta doing all kinds of things.

And my mom's bday is the 31st!

Sharon said...

Sue-I hope she DOES get Mary Poppins! I have fond memories of watching that every Easter when we lived in Michigan. Great dancing in that one.
I'll keep their health in my prayers, too.

Andrea-seriously, it sounds more exciting than it is. lol. I hope it's as good as I anticipate!

Crystal-hopefully we'll see you soon!

Greg-you and your long vacations. It's not fair. Take one up here in Ohio and watch my kids!!! ;) While on these trips, do you plan to buy your mom her birthday present?