Thursday, October 02, 2008

1000th Post!

Holy Guacamole, I've blogged 1000 posts! Either I have too much time on my hands, or I really enjoy this hobby of blogging. I'm going with the latter. ;)

I was browsing through all of my posts, and I'm highlighting some mention ables. ;)
I had a good laugh reading some of my first posts. You could tell I was a newbie: I never posted pictures (online stalkers, ya know;), I didn't know how to do links, so I'd post gigantic links in my post, and I never told anyone about my blog (that I knew) for at least a year.

Now, 3 years later, pretty much everyone I know is at least aware of my blog, I post pictures constantly, and I've accepted the fact that everyone in their right mind wants to stalk me. :)

I started blogging when Aidan was around 1 1/2 years old. (crazy, since that's about Brennan's age).
Here I blogged about Aidan teaching me I was not done child-proofing, as I mistakenly thought.
Here I wrote that he was cute, putting food all over his body. (think yogurt paint). (I started with the pics around this point)
Here are some good pictures with Aidan, and this post is also when we met Crystal for the 1st time!

I enjoyed reading those, and in the process realized that Brennan's entire life has been blogged. (HA!) From the first indication that he was there, to his ultrasound pictures, his birth, being in the newspaper...I'm sure it won't end any time soon.

Some of my favorite posts would be God's Timing of a Miracle, Our Story, and You Know You Look Young When.

Hardest posts to read/write: This Is One Of the Hardest Days in My Life, and the One Year Mark.

All of that, in 3 years and 1000 posts!!! Crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.

I never thought I'd get into blogging as much as I have, enjoy it as much as I do, and most of all, meet so many amazing people. I've been fortunate to meet several of you in person, and others not yet (maybe one day!), but those friendships are there.
I cay say with some certainty this is one of the perks of our day & age.

Happy Blogging, people. Thanks for reading.


Crystal said...

Wow Sharon! 1000 posts. I went back and read the posts I had not read before, amazing stuff girl!Especially the last one with the picture of little Dorothy Grace. Thank you for sharing your life and also just wanted to say thank you for being a great friend. btw, we miss you guys! we've got to get together soon!

Crystal said...

I just realized that it sounds like I read all the posts I missed before, what I meant was the ones you linked to that I hadn't read before, LOL!

Lynette said...

I am so glad I found your blog and have really enjoyed it so far. Congrats on 1000 - that's amazing.

Mandy said...

Happy 1000th! Way to hang in there!

Amy said...

Woohoo Sharon! And I am getting excited that I'm approaching my 50th post :)

Andrea said...

You are a blogaholic if there ever was on. Ha ha ha!!! I liked going through and reading your old posts. I still have a few more to read. Some make me cry because I can relate so much.

Love ya,