Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Welcome 2011! 
It's an anticipated year. :)

Some things we're looking forward to this year:
~meeting our new baby (sometime in the next 7-8 weeks)
~getting a 2nd car
~this year Aidan will finish 1st grade and start 2nd grade (gulp!)
~Brennan will start 4yo preschool
~Becoming more "gazelle" in our Total Money Makeover
~Losing all this baby weight and getting my body back
~a trip to Myrtle Beach w/ my side of the family in June

2011 has some hopeful things in store for us. Plus, Patrick has no more school! :) 

2010 wasn't so bad for us. We had the typical mixture of good and bad:
-I got my weight back into the 120's for the first time in years
-Aidan turned 6, Brennan turned 3, Patrick & I both turned 30

-home improvements: new windows in the entire house, new fridge, new toilet, new shower/bath, finally new furniture, and plumbing work. Over $1300 in plumbing alone...(so did not enjoy that one)
-we welcomed THREE new nieces into this world: Seraphina, Mackenzie, & Cordia
-Brennan finally fully potty trained

-Aidan started Scouts, selling popcorn & enjoying his 1st campout
-My husband made the boys AWESOME Halloween costumes

So yes, 2010 had some hardships, as every year does. We started the year off sick (sinus infections, bronchitis), and we ended it with some of us sick (ear infections, sinus). 
Other things came up, but when we look back, we were blessed. 
I am hopeful 2011 will be a blessing, too, for us AND YOU! 


Bethany said...

Happy New Year, friend. :) I'm glad to have known you all in 2010. Here's to even more fun memories in 2011...since you KNOW I'm coming to visit that baby!!!!!

Molly said...

I can relate to looking forward to losing baby weight and become more "gazelle-like" in the finance area. Those are things that I really want to do this year too!
I am jealous that you are so far ahead of me in pregnancy, all I can think is...12 MORE weeks?!